Base for the new way of working

As an entrepreneur you are obviously on the look-out for the ideal location for your company.

Due to the less than ideal accessibility of Antwerp and Brussels, the city of Ghent is increasingly becoming an attractive option. For many companies a physical presence in the capital is no longer a priority. Public authorities are also increasingly decentralising their administrations to major cities.

Ghent is ideally situated, at the crossroads of the E40 (Brussels-Ostend) and E17 (Antwerp-Lille) motorways. In terms of the number of travellers per day, the Gent-Sint-Pieters railway station is the second leading station in Belgium after Brussels.

Ghent has grown over the past few years into an exciting, viable city boasting a whole host of shopping opportunities, cultural institutions and a university that produces academic high-fliers year after year (who are also eager to continuing living in Ghent). As the student population of the University of Ghent and the various colleges of higher education totals 60.000, Ghent can justifiably claim to be the ‘largest student city in Flanders’. These education establishments have also spawned many research units in recent years, particularly in the ICT and biotechnology sectors, which is why Ghent likes to be called the capital of ‘Flanders Biotech Valley’.

Ghent is also called ‘the best kept secret in Europe’ when it comes to tourism, being ranked as one of the world’s top 10 places you have to visit – at least according to the Lonely Planet’s ‘Best in Travel’ guide.

“Where the E40 and E17 motorways meet”

The Loop

A brand-new urban district

‘The Loop’ is a brand-new urban district developed on what used to be the Sint-Denijs-Westrem airfield. Its main claim to fame now is being the location of Flanders Expo. Ikea and KBC have moved in as well but there is still a lot of space available.

According to the Spatial Execution Plan (SEP) ‘The Loop’ site is to be provided with 552,500 SQM of office, residential, accommodation, retail and leisure areas, including an outlet centre and a cinema complex between Flanders Expo and IKEA. Grondbank The Loop nv, a partnership between AG Stadsontwikkelingsbedrijf Gent (SOGENT) and Banimmo nv, has made the development of the site possible thanks to the construction of the infrastructure and the possession of land plots for the (phased) development of 372,000 SQM.

The site is located to the south of Ghent, four kilometres from the city centre, a stone’s throw from the Gent-Sint-Pieters station and between the E40 and R4 motorways. Hence ‘The Loop’ is ideally accessible by car or the public transport system.

552,500 SQM




Tetris Business Park Ghent is committed to the successful implementation of ‘The Loop’ site, striking the right balance between building and nature, paying a lot of attention to the need for sustainability (via the BREEAM standards) and accessibility. And above all: with a flexible concept catering to the business operator’s requirements.

Time is money, in the case of real estate as well. As ‘The Loop’ site is already covered by a Spatial Execution Plan (SEP) and the required infrastructure is already available, the construction process can be completed in no time: 18 months between the signing of the contract and the handover is a realistic proposition. The Tetris concept is completely focused on pragmatic and flexible solutions that can be achieved in the short or longer term.

“Green, inside and out”

With so many quick connections to highways and public transport, you might have painted a picture of Tetris as being a huge concrete jungle with hardly a tree or patch of green in sight.

You would be wrong though. Tetris is as green as modern office environments get. There are trees and fresh patches of grass everywhere – a perfect atmosphere to really focus on getting your job done.

But there is even more. Two brand new bike paths, neatly separated from other traffic, will bring you into the heart of Ghent in no time. But why not stay closer and have lunch on the benches in the lush Maaltepark, overlooking the waterways surrounding Ghent? The magnificent garden is only a short walk from your office. You’ll feel recharged in no time.

We’ve positioned the buildings at Tetris in such a way as to maximize natural sunlight in your office. This reduces energy costs and offers a light and breezy environment. You’ll feel right at home.