The new way of


The advent of the ‘New Way of Working’ is a key trend that has had an increasing impact on office design in recent years.

“You and your employees are attaching more and more importance to your work/life balance”

A hybrid form somewhere between a reception and meeting place, an office is not only an area where people can concentrate on individual tasks at hand. It also needs to be an attractive spot where employees feel at ease and can efficiently work together on projects. Some employers even offer multi-purpose areas where employees can physically exert themselves or facility services, such as crèches and household help.

Contemporary ICT technology provides a trouble-free, low-cost way of catering to the increasing number of people who are deciding to work some of the time from home.

Another trend is the fact that employees attach a higher value to striking the right work/life balance. Losing less time during the daily commute is certainly part of this endeavour.

Business operators can offer their employees a broad range of mobility services as Tetris Business Park Ghent is located at the intersection of the E40 and E17 motorways, the Gent-Sint-Pieters railway station is within easy reach and there is a convenient tram system available. Moreover, travelling by bike is a pleasure, thanks to the carefully-thought-out and safe cycle network along the canal belt.

Benefits of the

New Way of Working

The flexible design of the Tetris concept means less need for workplaces, offices and parking spaces. As a result, a business operator’s real estate is not just a cost but an INVESTMENT in achieving higher performance.

The LOCATION of Tetris Business Park Ghent implies less stress and a higher quality of life for your employees as a result of a smoother commuting experience. Companies find it easier to hold on to staff, while having more pulling power on the labour market. These are strong arguments for companies in view of the evermore intense “war on talent”.

The Tetris concept also involves saving time, a smaller carbon footprint and less fuel consumption. Apart from the business savings the Tetris concept also offers companies the opportunity to make an ecological leap towards SUSTAINABLE business practices.


Your future office

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“Why would you put your life on hold while you’re at the office?”

Don’t you think it’s about time we got over the crazy quest for a perfect work-life balance. There is no such thing. Working is living. After all: why would you put your life on hold while you’re at the office? Why would it be impossible to enjoy the eight or more hours you spend working every day? We think the best work is done when you’re feeling good. So we’ve provided an environment that lifts your spirit.

At Tetris, you work and live at the same time. Why not enjoy half an hour of yoga with other professionals at ten o’clock in the morning, instead of drinking that tenth cup of coffee while reading a lame Dilbert comic by the photocopier? Or how about a light massage to forget about that annoying phone call? Or a healthy and tasty lunch instead of a greasy, premade sandwich that tastes like cardboard?

Tetris is both a great place to work, and a great place to live. 

Perfect for the modern-day entrepreneur.