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office solutions for unpredictable times

Tetris is a new office concept Banimmo is deploying for the first time at Tetris Business Park Ghent, at ‘The Loop’, a location you know as Flanders Expo in Ghent. ‘Flexible office solutions for unpredictable times’ is a good description of the underlying concept.

These are indeed unpredictable times: it is increasingly hard for business operators to guess what the future holds in store. There is no point in offering a standard nine-year binding contract that can be ended every three years to entrepreneurs who cannot be sure if their business will have doubled in size or shrunk by 10% in three years’ time. What entrepreneurs need is Banimmo’s flexible Tetris real estate option.

Tetris is all about flexibility in terms of the surface area, the subdivisable potential of the premises/floors and the rental agreement. Banimmo created Tetris as a set of customised real estate options to keep up with the current economic uncertainties.

Banimmo has recently started with the commercialisation of Tetris Business Park Ghent and is set to erect a series of buildings (officelike facilities, laboratories, etc.) from 3,000 to 12,000 SQM with a maximum of six floors and an overall surface area of 60,000 SQM between the canal belt and Flanders Expo. A first building has now been handed over to the Flemish Environment Agency.