The Solution

Supreme flexibility: from the rental contract to the architecture

The Ghent architectural firm Arch & Teco responded to Banimmo’s request to develop a fully modular and flexible building system so customers can grow along with their premises and vice versa. Companies’ office space requirements now vary much more than before. Banimmo’s TBG caters to their needs in today’s market.

The design of every building is based on a set basic module, 18m by 18m. Hence the name Tetris, based on the game where blocks can be put together in endless combinations.

As there are no fixed walls or columns, each floor can be arranged with closed offices or as an open plan office. A building may have different entrances so it can be divided or sublet while all users still retain their own identities. The buildings can also be interconnected below ground level so that two sets of premises can be used as one building. Users also can choose from different finalisation options for the facades.

The flexible architecture based on set basic modules means flexible rental agreements tailored to the customer can be developed.

These are consistent with the requirements of operators who have to manage their companies during unpredictable times.


Your future office

Start here!

“The tenant or buyer lays the first stone of the building”

Ceo hopes

All CEOs sincerely hope to see a lasting economic recovery within a few years’ time but are obviously reluctant to invest in an extra large building or additional premises or bind themselves to a long-term rental contract for premises that are too big. Nor should the current offices constitute a barrier to a rapid expansion or any centralisation of the activities. The Tetris concept offers the opportunity to reserve a part of a building now as a shell or possible extension on an adjacent site or building.

HR peaks and troughs

HR managers are the first to admit that the size of a company’s workforce never stays the same for very long. They have to deal with these variations in advance by planning to have sufficient workplaces – not too many nor too little – while keeping in mind the need to cope with real peaks and troughs from time to time. Tetris Business Park Ghent can cater to this need for flexibility. A clear example is the possibility of reserving office space or land in the light of a forthcoming expansion.

CFO reassured

Hoping to see a business grow is one thing but business operators always have to bear in mind the opposite scenario. A building can suddenly become too big and expensive, a problem that is invariably handed over to the CFO. It is clearly an advantage when some of the rented property can be sublet. The flexible Tetris concept makes this a problem-free option.



Your company is postponing its relocation plans because a takeover or merger is being considered that would imply a substantial increase in the amount of space available. Tetris Business Park Ghent can offer a solution! Depending on what extra space is needed, space for expansion may be provided or reserved in the building to be created or on an adjacent site. It is always possible to connect adjacent buildings.



The decision to relocate has to be postponed because your company is considering selling parts of its operations or reorganising at another site. In this case, Tetris Business Park Ghent can also offer a solution! A flexible rental agreement would allow you to return and/or transfer some of the space you originally rented.